Apr 14

Day 19,932

It’s a Saturday night back here in rural Douglas County. My wife and daughter have returned safely from the conference in Atlanta, and for that, I am truly grateful. I always get a little protective when my wife and kids travel, which means their safe return means that much more.

Other than that, we’ve played it rather safe today. Dane was serving at 4:00 Mass, so Lisa, Gracie and I attended then.

We collectively hit the grocery store afterward, then it’s been a pretty uneventful evening.

At this point, I’m just trying to crank out enough words to meet my pledge, then it will be time for me to skate off into the ethereal realm of sleep.

(Right now I’m looking at the little word count meter in the lower left-hand corner and wondering why one-hundred-and-thirty-five words look like so many more when they are sitting on the page)

I should be focused on the positive, though. My wife is home, and I always sleep better when she’s here. I get to sleep in tomorrow. We all do. And I do believe we will.

Lisa just let me know she is heading off to bed. That’s probably a pretty compelling sing that I should consider the same.

Peace y’all.

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