Apr 08

Day 19,926

Hey kids, Grampa Bob here with an update on what I got done on this day, April 8, 2018.

The answer is, “not much”.

Seriously, though, we went to late Mass this morning and got home shortly after noon. I started rooting around the television guide for info about the Masters’ golf tournament, then, after a very nice lunch headed downstairs and got a little bit lost in watching golf being played in Augusta, Georgia, while the snow fell outside.

Yes, I wrote that.

3 weeks into spring, and we had snow falling today.

Pretty weird stuff.

Patrick Reed won the Masters, his first major. For all I know, when you guys read this, he may have become a golfer of legendary status, a role-model for the golfing ages.

I bet Jordan Spieth earns that little bit of recognition first.

A lot to do around here this next week. Have to get the taxes done, have to go get the new lawn mower in Clay Center, have to take Lisa and Bonnie to the airport early Tuesday morning.

At least I get to sleep in a bit tomorrow, right?

Anyway, I’m going to let it go at that. I’m tired, and I just woofed down a bunch of cookies and milk, and my tummy is telling me to go lie down and enjoy this sensation of fullness.

Peace y’all.


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