Mar 09

Day 19,896

Another day in the books.

Kansas won another basketball game, and neither team was at full strength. Dok was still out for Kansas, and Dean Wade aggravated a toe injury for the Wildcats. Compound that loss with an injury to a KSU starting guard early in the game, and KU had an opportunity to control the game from the beginning and they took care of business.

The Texas Tech-West Virginia game is going on in the background, and Kansas will face the winner of this contest tomorrow night at 5:00.

Yeah, I have to admit I do get a little caught up in the sports. It happens.

I get caught up in the kid’s sports, too.

I’m going to miss watching my kids play and compete. Dane is still in high school, but high school golf isn’t really the kind of sport where the parents show up to cheer on their kids.

I support him a hundred percent, though.

I hope I live long enough to see grandchildren competing in something. I love the competition.

I wasn’t that great at most competitions. Can’t say I was a consistent winner, but I tried. One day you’re clearing 6′ with ease in competition, the next day, you’re struggling with 5’8″. I remember that day. My junior year of high school.

Oh well. I probably ought to let go of that though, that memory, that regret.

Peace y’all.

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