Mar 05

Day 19,892

I have to figure out where my bandwidth is going.

My current contract allows for an ungoverned download quota of 50 gigabytes per month. I have twenty-two days left in my service period and we’ve already munched through half of our allocated bandwidth for the month, and I was gone all of last week.

We are pulling a lot of data through our pipe.

Now, one thing that I should state is that we have the option to add additional bandwidth. At a fee.

You would think that for a hundred fifty bucks a month I could find a deal that offered a little bit better than fifty gigabytes a month of bandwidth.

Keep in mind that for all I know, you guys are reading this and either laughing or crying.

I am curious to see what the future holds relative to the size of the pipe. It’s only going to get fatter, and likely more saturated with packets nobody really wants in their network.

I have a two-year contract with this provider, then it will be time to think about a different solution.

This ain’t gonna cut it for this family.

We need our data.

And I would one day like to be able to teach from home.

I can dream, can’t I?

Peace y’all.

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