Mar 03

Day 19,890

I am happy to be home.

OK, for those of you that are completely oblivious to the editing process, I just made a change to one word in the opening line that allowed the sentence to make more sense.

If I had left it alone, it would have been hilarious.

I’ll let y’all speculate.

I traveled from Seattle to Lawrence today, mostly as a passenger.

The flight was good. No complaints there. I think Alaska Airlines might be my favorite airline these days.

My lovely bride picked me up at the airport and got me home safely, which is always a plus, and tonight I get to sleep in my own bed beside my wife.

I don’t sleep well in hotel rooms, unless, of course, she happens to be there.

Tomorrow I get back into my routine. Church, some work around the house, and some time prepping for the class I teach on Monday.

But… the summit I attended gave me some things to think about.

How can I be a better trainer?

How can I better serve not only the Microsoft Certified Trainer Community but the IT world at large?

I need to think about some of these things.

I have yet to achieve my full potential.

Peace y’all.


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