Feb 10

Day 19,869

Hi gang. It’s Grampa Bob again, trying to do that thing today that I’ve tried to do a few hundred times before.

It has been a good day. Started off well, made breakfast for the family – corned beef hash, eggs, coffee. Lisa made some biscuits to go with breakfast, and that was great.

After we all got around, Dane and I went over to one of the storage facilities and loaded up the car with some stuff to bring back to the new house. We have two of these storage units, and the sooner we can get them cleared out, the better off we’ll all be.

Sadly, while we were done getting the car unloaded from the first trip back here, Dane got his fingers pinched in the door of the barn and that didn’t do him any favors.

We’ll try to get a couple more loads tomorrow, I guess.

We watched KU lose on the road to Baylor… looks like this might be the year that KU doesn’t win a piece of the Big 12 basketball conference championship. It’s too bad to see a streak break like that. Too many hurdles to get over with this team.

We settled in for dinner with some shrimp tacos (those were great) and Lisa had made some chocolate cupcakes as well for dessert.

I am a happy fat man right now. I think I will sleep well.

Hope your time on this mortal plane is going as intended.

Peace y’all.

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