Jan 10

Day 19,838

Hey gang! Hope this little missive finds you doing well. It’s the tenth day of January in the year of out Lord, 2018.

Tomorrow, Dane has a snow day.

I still have to drive forty-five miles to work.

Looks like there is going to be some freezing rain tomorrow coming through our neck of the woods here in Lawrence, Kansas.

It’s good to keep the kids home n nasty weather. My concern is my ability to negotiate that highway in the middle of a sleet storm.

Seriously, that stuff makes for absolutely awful driving conditions.

I’ve driven in that stuff from time to time, and let me tell you, freezing rain on highways leads t some white-knuckle driving.

I’ve put a car in the ditch on more than one occasion when driving in stuff like that. Got plowed in to from behind as well.

It’s part of living in the world, I guess. This is the part where I try to come up with another fifty words to fill up the page. I’m not always the most exciting person on the planet.

Could be worse.

By the way, if you’re thinking about what is going on politically in this little corner of the time-space continuum, look up Trump/Russia, Steele Dossier, and Fusion GPS. Those have been the hot topics this week.

Peace y’all.

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