Jan 06

Day 19,834

Hi gang! Hope you are having a wonderful today.

We’re pretty busy around here. Lots of things to pack and sort in anticipation of the big move.

We all got up early and got crackin’. Started with a big breakfast and coffee, then he got to organizing.

I took a chunk of the garage. We have a┬ápile of cured, seasoned walnut from Gramma Lisa’s family farm up in Iowa from way back when. I figure there’s better than a thousand board feet of good wood in that pile.

Anyway, I moved it outside to the side of the house. It can sit there for a couple days until we get it moved into a trailer for the move.

Dane got to work after that, sweeping and vacuuming under the bench where we had the wood stored.

We packed a few more boxes. I tried something new to help out my back a bit. I picked up little support belt to help with my lumbar region. It helped, but I have to admit that when I was done working, unhooking that belt might have been the closest I might experience to taking off a bra.

Tonight, I wallow in disappointment in my favorite football team falling out in the first round of the playoffs. Now I’m hoping that Jayhawks don’t follow up the Chiefs loss with a loss on the road to the TCU Horned Frogs.

Hope your life is going well.

Peace y’all.

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