Jan 09

Day 19,837

Tuesday night here at Casa del Bobster, the home I’ve lived in longer than anyplace else I’ve ever lived in my life.

And we move next week.

It’s still weird to think about. But, it is necessary.

The new house has more space. The new house has a place for me to go to get some other things done.

The new place has a main floor master bedroom so I don’t have to drag my tired old ass up and down a flight of steps before I go to bed, nor do I have to worry about falling down a flight of steps because I’m not as awake as I could be first thing in the morning.

I’m going to have a woodshop. I’m going to have a space to create new stuff.

I need to find a couple more tools to round out my shop.

The router table I can cobble together. I think I have a good state on parts for that.

I need to get a planer. I have some nice billets that need some squaring up. Could make for decent guitar body blanks. Got ’em from Ken Smith basses years ago.

An oscillating edge sander would be nice.

Hey, a guy can dream.

Hope you get to spend a little time dreaming, too.

Peace y’all.

Jan 08

Day 19,836

It’s about 9:22 PM, and I just dialed the tv in to watch the national championship college football game between Alabama and Georgia. At the beginning of the second half, Georgia is up 13-0.

Had a pretty good day with my first day of my Office 365 class. Small group, three students, two of which I’ve had in class more than a few times from the State of Kansas.

Had a heck of a time getting to work this morning, with ice on the roads. The term we use for this type of ice is “black ice” because it’s a very thin layer of hard to see ice. I figure there were at least three multi-car accidents and another dozen cars in the ditch on the way into work. I usually get to work by 7:30… this morning I arrived at 9:10.

I guess some folks need to take their feet off the gas and slow down a little bit. That ice can be some nasty stuff.

Tomorrow I’ll take a couple of my guitars into work, stash them there as a safe place during the move. I’ll take the Godins over tomorrow, then a few others later in the week.

Alabama just scored… we might have a ball game.

Not going to fret about it too much. I’m more of a college basketball fan in January. Might be due to KU’s solid basketball program, and maybe a little bit due to Kansas struggles in football.

Whatever gets you there, I guess.

Peace, y’all.

Jan 07

Day 19,835

Hey kids, Old Grampa Bob here writing on a Sunday night, the seventh day of the new year, two thousand and seventeen.

OK, so my pledge is to write two hundred words per day, and spelling out ‘two hundred’ counts for more words than ‘200’.

So sue me.

It’s been a little bit of a bummer day for dear old grandad. Yesterday I tweaked my back yesterday trying to move a brick… yeah, seemed like a fairly innocent thing at the time, but I found a way to tweak that lumbar region nonetheless.

Note* I wonder if ‘none the less’ is a more appropriate way to write “nonetheless”. Seems like it ought to count for more words.

That said, I’ve been in a pretty sad state today, with my back giving me fits.

Tomorrow I go back to Kansas City, teaching Office 365 for a couple of weeks. Combine that with the pending move, and you gotta know I’m going to have a whole buttload of busy between now and the end of the month.

Still need to figure out how to make a little time to get back over to my old stomping grounds from time to time.

I’ve never had a problem coming up with an excuse to get a beer at a micro-brewery.

You guys be cool. Hug your mom and dad. Be nice to your brothers, sisters, and cousins.

And pet your dog.


Peace y’all.

Jan 06

Day 19,834

Hi gang! Hope you are having a wonderful today.

We’re pretty busy around here. Lots of things to pack and sort in anticipation of the big move.

We all got up early and got crackin’. Started with a big breakfast and coffee, then he got to organizing.

I took a chunk of the garage. We have a pile of cured, seasoned walnut from Gramma Lisa’s family farm up in Iowa from way back when. I figure there’s better than a thousand board feet of good wood in that pile.

Anyway, I moved it outside to the side of the house. It can sit there for a couple days until we get it moved into a trailer for the move.

Dane got to work after that, sweeping and vacuuming under the bench where we had the wood stored.

We packed a few more boxes. I tried something new to help out my back a bit. I picked up little support belt to help with my lumbar region. It helped, but I have to admit that when I was done working, unhooking that belt might have been the closest I might experience to taking off a bra.

Tonight, I wallow in disappointment in my favorite football team falling out in the first round of the playoffs. Now I’m hoping that Jayhawks don’t follow up the Chiefs loss with a loss on the road to the TCU Horned Frogs.

Hope your life is going well.

Peace y’all.

Jan 05

Day 19,833

Hey kids, fat old Grampa Bob here.

It’s getting weird.

I hope you don’t have to move very often growing up, but you just never know. There might be very good reasons why you have to move and make that big change, and when you’re the kid, you don’t get much say in the whole process, but then again, a kid in daycare isn’t going to make up the big chunk of change that mom or dad might be missing out on without the change.

I remember that.

Growing up, my dad signed up for an apprenticeship program to become the service manager while he was a mechanic at International Harvester. Next thing I know, I’m four years old and moving from Sioux City, Iowa to Topeka, Kansas. Started elementary school at Maude Bishop Elementary. We were there through my second-grade year, then it was off to Omaha. For six months. I think I went to Adams School. From there, dad got another promotion to Kansas City, and we got a house in Hickman Mills and I went to Santa Fe Elementary. First time I ever had to take a bus to school. First time I ever got lost taking the wrong bus, too.

After about a year in KC, it was off to Salina. Dad and the Regional Sales Manager were going in to buy a location when they were being franchised out.

From then on, it was all Salina… with one more move between seventh and eighth grade.

I may have written a blog post about this before. Can’t recall.

Oh Well. Wrote it now if I hadn’t written it before.

Peace y’all.

Jan 04

Day 19,832

Another day has passed, and I’m sitting here with Freya ( I hope you have a Freya in your life, too), while I take a few minutes and recap the day.

I don’t know what type of transportation system y’all will have to deal with at the time you’re reading my notes, but here’s my speculation. Most of the vehicles will be autonomous with the possibility of a human override in an emergency situation.

Here in 2018, we still drive our cars manually, thrillseekers that we are, and we have to get our vehicles in for service from time to time to get our oil changed, fluid refilled, and air pressure checked.

Right now, I’m feeling pretty good about three of our five family vehicles. My Ford Flex is ready, as are the Ford Fusion Bonnie drives on a daily basis, and the venerable Honda CRV that Dane is currently riving, and every other kid in the family has had to drive as a matter of course.

Next week I’ll try to get the wife’s Ford hybrid in for a checkup before I take it to St. Louis.

It’s still a little crazy to think about all of the changes we’re about to go through. That’s just the way it is though… gotta roll with it.

Peace y’all.

Jan 03

Day 91,831

Hey, my descendants! What’s shakin’?

It is the third day of the year 2018.

I had a productive day. Spend the morning getting your relative’s car (uncle? father? grandfather?) to the shop to get the oil changed on it. After that, we addressed some of the issues of the day, including a visit to the post office to work on our pending mail situation. Picked up a few more boxes at the hardware store. Took care of our change of billing on our water, propane, and trash bills.

All in all, I can’t complain. Got quite a bit done today.

That said, I’m about spent for the night.

It is kind of crazy, moving to the new property out east, getting things all squared away. We’re meeting with the moving guy (guys?) tomorrow to plan our moving strategy.

I look forward to the completion of the process. I don’t think anybody actually enjoys the process of moving, but having everything behind you is worthwhile.

Tonight, I’ll focus on getting some more things done in the coming days, and try to get a decent night’s sleep. The more time I invest in getting things done now, the less time it will take to get settled in at the end of the process.

I look forward to that.

Peace y’all.

Jan 02

Day 19,830

Hi future grandkids, it’s old fat Grampa Bob here.

Did quite a bit of running around today, making changes here and there in anticipation of the pending family move in a scant few weeks.

We’re packing, making preparations for our various utilities to get transferred to the place, setting up electricity, water, trash, gas, all of the other things that have to be managed when you make a move like this.

I’m not a huge fan of the process, but I also know that this is the last time.

Next time they move me, it’ll be to a nursing home or hospice.

We also need to make sure that we’ve done our due diligence here at the house. patching holes and making sure the house is in good order to the next owner.

Had the plumber come over earlier today to take care of a couple of little nuisance problems. Sinks are in fine working condition, and the new caulking around the sinks and counters looks very professionally done.

I guess the fact that we paid a guy to do it meets the definition of “professionally done”, doesn’t it?

Capping odd the night by aching the Jayhawks playing the Texas Tech Red Raiders in basketball. Might be about time for me to return my positive energies to my ‘hawks because they’re down by a few points right now.

Rock Chalk.

Peace y’all.

Jan 01

Day 19,829

Hello, my future grandchildren, and other possible progeny… hey, you never know how long some of this stuff might hang around the internet.

Although I did notice that the Library of Congress is going to back away from archiving every single tweet in the Twitterverse. I wonder if can get them to archive mine, along with the links to my blog. Who knows? We’ve got some distant relatives that were President of the United States… I oughta see if I have a little pull.

I resolve in 2018 to NOT:

  1. Develop my own line of artisanal chicken nugget sauces. Somebody is going to do it. It won’t be me.
  2. Let my dirty clothes get out of control. I’m trying to eradicate a huge tub of dirty clothes right now. Nobody needs to look at a pile of my dirty laundry.
  3. Wear a Speedo. Granted, we’re getting a new house with a swimming pool. That said, it might be ok from a Greek pensioner to galavant around in man-kini, but this guy? Nope.
  4. Give up hope. There are any number of things that I’m not happy about in my little corner of the world, as well as a few things in the bigger picture as well. I believe in a brighter tomorrow, and, for me, that brighter tomorrow has to start with a belief in certain systems, including the Department of Justice, the FBI, and the Mueller investigative team.
  5. Take up MMA as a form of exercise. Getting back on my bike might be a wiser choice than getting into a ring and having my head knocked off my shoulders.
  6. Change careers. My manager might like this particular entry. I’m a technical trainer, and I’m pretty good at it. I hope to improve and discover some new talents this year that can help me in my chosen field.
  7. Continue to get bigger. I’m big enough.
  8. Become picky about food. I like being a culinary explorer.

I’ll probably think of some more things later, but that is what I’ve got for now.

Dec 31

Day 19,828

It’s New Year’s Eve, 2017.

My oldest daughter is 21 today. She seems to be enjoying herself with her friends.

The traditional thing is for a person to make a New Year’s Resolution or two, and I’ve been thinking about that a little bit.

Most people make the same sort of resolutions, having to do with health and diet, finishing some long ago committed project, or resolving some other personal issue. Lord knows I have more than a couple of issues native to the human condition.

For 2018, I am going to try to be kinder. I haven’t always been as kind as I could have been in this past year. To be honest, I’ve been a hardcore asshole to some people. I’m not saying some of these folks had it coming, but the choice to behave in the fashion that I did was totally on me. I will try to manage that aspect of my personality better in the coming year.

For 2018, I resolve to actually read the articles that I am confronted with in social media before I respond to them. Like many, I was guilty of responding to articles based on the headline. I hadn’t read the article in its entirety. On more than one occasion, that came back to bite me in the ass.

My last resolution for 2018 is to continue to write these future notes to the grandchildren I will someday have. I hope I can offer some sort of insight into what life is like at this point in the world. The big picture stuff is all being handed down in the records, the archives of our society. My life, for whatever it’s worth, is being jotted down day by day, my good times and my down times. and I hope you find it interesting.

Maybe it will end up in the Library of Congress.


I hope we all have a better year this year.

Peace y’all.

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