Apr 11

Day 19,929

It’s been a pretty busy Wednesday here in rural Douglas County. Several of us got up very early in the morning. Lisa and Bonnie had to get to the airport early to catch a 7:00 AM flight to Atlanta.

After that, I snagged a little breakfast at Big Biscuit, then it was over to Uhaul to grab a trailer, then head over to Clay Center to pick up a new lawnmower. Weird how a person can get excited over a new lawn mower, but, the truth is, it’s a cute little acquisition for the property. I figure we have 3.5 – 4 acres to mow, and this is right in that range.

My brother-in-law was more than happy to sell me a new mower.

Tomorrow will be busy as well, with lots of errands to run and laundry to wash.

I’ll sleep well tonight, I know. Getting up early means I spent whatever I had in the sleep bank. Time to get my balance back in the positive side tonight.

Tomorrow I sleep in.

Still have to get up to take the dogs out to pee, but then I can go back to bed afterward, right?

I’m exhausted and trying to fulfill a pledge. I’m probably not making a lot of sense right now.

Oh well. G’night.

Peace y’all.

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