Apr 09

Day 19,927

Monday night here in rural Douglas County, and Lisa and I are here upstairs with the dogs. Gracie went into the campus to get a little work done, and Dane went to bed after having spent the day home with another bug bout.

Seems like the bugs have been winning.

I went and had my crown reset at the dentist office today. Couldn’t take care of it last Friday when I first tried to get the issue resolved, but we got it managed today.

Sort of.

I’ll be needing a bridge or an implant where that molar is sitting someday. I’m not looking forward¬†to it, but then, I never look forward to anything having to do with my mouth and the dentist. Nothing against my current dentist or any number of dentists that serve the public interest every day.

My teeth aren’t great, and that has been a primary factor in the volume of work I’ve had done, and the pain associated with that amount of work.

I’ve been described as an anxious patient.

I won’t deny it.

I procrastinate, too.

Those two traits don’t work very well together.

That’s about all I’ve got tonight, truth be known. Might be time to hit the internet and look at nicely figured wood.

Peace y’all.

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