Apr 07

Day 19,925

Hey, future grandkids of mine, and anybody else interested enough to read my words (thanks!).

It’s been a fun day. Dane and I went over to see the Spielberg-produced “Ready Player One”, based on the Ernest Cline book. I had read the book, Dane had not. Although I recognized multiple departures from the book, I compounded suspension-of-disbelief a couple of times over and enjoyed the movie. Yeah, I prefer the book and wish the movie had more closely followed the storyline, but I also understand why it could not.

I might have to go back and listen to the audiobook again, now.

This evening, my old high school classmates Tim and Kelly had their old college band playing in Shawnee, so I contacted another old high school classmate of ours to join us. Man, we had a great time. Tim and Kelly were rockin’ it up on stage, and Robbie and I were singing along with every song, much to the chagrin of anyone else within earshot.

Robbie and I had a great time. Caught up a little bit, took a few selfies – one disturbing photo of me that makes me look like I had two of my front teeth knocked out — and made that promise to stay in touch more and get together for a barbecue or two this summer.

I hope that plan goes as planned.

Peace y’all.

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