Apr 06

Day 19,924

Hey gang, old fat grampa Bob here again.

I have always had an interest in the topic of fantasy worlds, from when I was very young and captivated by the silliness of the worlds created by Dr. Seuss, or later, in my teenage years when I discovered the Lord of the Rings, the Hyperborean Age of Conan the Barbarian, or the land of Nehwon, home to Fafhyrd and the Grey Mouser.

I want to create my own, and invite folks to play in that landscape.

Trouble is my fear of getting it wrong.

Ridiculous, on a level.

Of course, some things are going to be wrong and will require editing.

Some of the relationships I create between various kingdoms, houses, and guilds will appear to be forced, but it will happen anyway just because I want it to happen that way.

It all seems a bit contrived when I approach it that way.

I need to let it flow, and just let the creative process happen. I know I’ll get frustrated at some point and think that it’s best to start over.

Maybe, this time I won’t.

Maybe this time I’ll put my nose down and just muscle through it and create a homebrew gaming environment that others will enjoy.

Time will tell.

Pece y’all.


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