Mar 12

Day 19,899

OK. The next 48 hours are going to be a bit on the interesting side.

I’ll get up at four o’clock in the morning tomorrow to take Dane in for his band trip. He has to be there by four thirty in the morning, and the bus will leave without him if he is not there. After that, I’m in the car and heading west to Salina. Mom has a procedure that could take place anytime tomorrow morning, and I’m there tomorrow as well as part of the morning Wednesday.

I have to be back in Lawrence, er, home Wednesday afternoon to get the motherboard replaced on my primary system. The young person I dealt with at Dell was very professional and understanding, and it reinforced my decision to stick with Dell Precision system for the time being. Love their notebooks.

Car is serviced and ready to go. I need to take a shower and get primed. I’m sure Dane is excited about his trip.

I’m excited for him.

Not excited about my mom being in the hospital though. More “the opposite of excited”. Concerned. Worried.

Oh well. Most I can do is be there and offer emotional support.

I’m great at that kind of thing.

That was a joke. I think I suck at that.

See you tomorrow night.

Peace y’all.

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