Mar 10

Day 19,897


It’s Saturday night! In the background, I can hear the ACC tournament championship game going on between Virginia and North Carolina.

KU played earlier this evening and came out victorious over West Virginia, 81-11.

I do love this time of year.

A friend came over to watch the game tonight, and Gracie had a couple of her friends over as well. We definitely had enough food to go around.

Dane and I also got the last storage unit cleaned out today, so there’s that for minor victories. Went and got the car washed, too. Will miracles never cease?

At this point, I’m just rambling. Trying to avoid the serious stuff.

My mom went to the hospital today. Blood sugar and kidney issues, and she’s diabetic, so this isn’t a great situation. I probably ought to take off for Salina tomorrow and go visit her in the hospital in Salina.

I don’t like hospitals. I seem to go in and end up missing body parts coming back out.

Seriously, though. I’ll make the run and anybody else that wants to tag along is more than welcome.

Afterall, it’s my mom.

This is the part where I start typing overemotional pablum. Maybe not tonight.

Peace y’all

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