Mar 04

Day 19,891


For those of you that are reading my blog for the first time, a note. A while back I started writing my blog with the intent of providing a bit of a chronicle for the grandchildren I expect to have one day.

I read an interesting meme today. The topic was the Puckle Gun, designed in the early 1700’s. The point was that the founding fathers of the United States may very well have had an idea that machine guns, automatic weapons, were within the realm of possibility, therefore the second amendment to the Constitution covers weapons that were beyond the capabilities of the early musket.

You know, a round every thirty seconds or so with the musket, versus the possibility of seventy-two musket balls in the air in a minute with the Puckle Gun.

So, some historical context.

The Puckle Gun was an epic freaking failure.

Two were produced for use in combat in 1741, and they were never used in combat.

Kind of like my ass-laser design.

But seriously, even in the mid-1500’s, there were designs for advanced weapons systems capable of firing multiple rounds in sequence.

Ever heard of a guy called Leonardo Da Vinci? He designed many weapons of war, including a multi-barreled gun.

I guess my point is that if the founding fathers of the USA were aware of machine guns in the 1780’s, we really need to get on the ball writing laws to control phazers, and disruptors, and ass-lasers.

Or maybe we rethink some shit.

Just an idea.

Peace y’all.

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