Feb 11

Day 19,870

Another Sunday night, and I’m pausing to reflect on the weekend.

You know what they say about best intentions.

O had some high hopes for my productivity this weekend but didn’t get near as much done as I probably should have.

We still have some storage units to get cleaned out, and I really hope to have one of them completely cleaned out by the end of next weekend. In reality, we probably ought to get both of them resolved. Every month we keep stuff in there, we’re paying for it, and we have space here for that stuff.

This week, I am back in the classroom again, teaching Microsoft Office 365. Hoping to have a little bit better outing than the last time I taught the course.

Valentine’s Day falls on Wednesday, and that serves as my last call for our anniversary, next Saturday night.

I have some nice things for Lisa set aside, but I need to plan a little outing for the two of us. Maybe dinner in Kansas City or something along those lines.

Ugh. That big bowl of chocolate chip ice cream is wearing me down now.

About time to hang this up and get my big butt to bed.

Hope life is treating you well.

Peace y’all.

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