Feb 08

Day 19,867

Every day I sit and ponder about writing. If I were to try and hammer out a full-length novel, what would I write about? Would I try to write a primer targeting other technical trainers about this career and how to get the most out of it? Would I go off into the nether realms and create a fantasy world, or a science fiction based universe? Would I just try to write and make jokes about the world we live in today.

I think about it every day… and I find myself going around in circles, arriving right back where I started. And ther are no more words on the page than there were when I started.

Right now, my only successful and active writing exercise is this blog, but I imagine as I move forward, I’ll do better, primarily due to the changes I’m implementing in my home environment. I’m spending a little more time writing things by hand. I’m avoiding digital devices while I sit in the living room… no laptops – with one exception. I’ll keep my convertible tablet at hand when I have some reading to do, but I draw the line there and I have to stick to that.

Just took a little time to do my job… teaching Persistent Chat on Skype for Business 2015.

I’ve only got two guys in class right now, but they’re good guys.

The day is progressing nicely now… it’s the middle of the afternoon, but still, have some more to cover. Time to get back to talking about failover clusters and whatnot.

Exciting stuff.

More tomorrow.

Peace y’all.


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