Feb 05

Day 19,864

OK, so here’s the “honest to God’s” truth. I’m going to write this entry, I’m going to fulfill my pledge. Then, I’m going to have a cupcake.

It’s been an interesting day. I’ve started a Skype for Business class this week, and while some parts of the class are going pretty well, there are some aspects of it that stand for a bit of improvement. Microsoft could’ve made my gig a little easier by making all of the┬ánecessary images available for download.

Things will be cool on that front, however… I’ve got a small class and they know what’s up.

Weather isn’t being as cooperative as I’d like it to be. Caught a little more snow this afternoon, and I’m guessing there is a significant chance for some more snow tonight and tomorrow. I better fill up Ruby on my way into work tomorrow.

Funny thing… I didn’t drink my coffee on my way into work this morning. I usually drink my great big single cup of coffee on my commute, but I didn’t do that today. I slammed it down once I hit the parking lat at work, but before that, I didn’t give it a single thought.

My coffee.

I didn’t think about it or drink it.

Maybe I ought to go in for a mental acuity test?

Peace y’all.

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