Feb 03

Day 19,862

It’s Saturday night, and Lisa and I just finished up watching a movie, “A Boy Called Po”, about a single father raising an autistic son. It was quite touching.

In other areas of the world… well, I’m going to rant a little bit.

An old high school classmate posted a cartoon earlier. Now, to be frank, this classmate and I have a rather weird history. Sometimes we’re friends, sometimes we’re rivals. Sometimes we’re critics of the other. He’s bullied me, I may have bullied him at some point as well. Regarding the current political climate, he is firmly in the Trump/Anti-HRC/Anti-BHO camp. I haven’t hidden that I am an anti-Trump zealot.

So this cartoon questions why the DoJ is pursuing Trump when there is allegedly so much “evidence” of wrongdoing by HRC. The cartoon has a Benghazi box (8 GOP chaired special investigations, all coming to the same conclusion – No Wrongdoing). The cartoon has a Uranium One box – reaching a bit on that one. No ties to HRC. There is a “Clinton Foundation” box. Lots of accusations there, but no charges have ever been filed. Wouldn’t surprise me if there was supposed to be a WHitewater box in there as well.

Then another old friend posts this in response, and I have more tha a little feeling that I am the target of thise little jab…

“Yet, there are otherwise seemingly intelligent people so filled with delusional hatred who will trumpet uninformed, ignorance until their final breath.”

I’ve gone around the block with this other old friend. He just doesn’t get my perspective. He also doesn’t appreciate my penchant for seeking out the truth.

HRC is no angel. She might very well be a cast-iron bitch. But for all of the crimes she’s been accused of, nothing has stuck to her yet. That means one of two things happens to be true – either she is a criminal mastermind that has allegations slipping off her back like water on a hydrophobic surface, or… maybe the accusations are just bullshit?

Seriously… she’s been accused of any number of things, up to and including the murders of 47 people.

Not charges have been filed.

Now Trump, on the other hand, has committed crimes. It’s verifiable. It’s a matter of public record. Racial Discrimination. Money-laundering. Adultery. Sexual Harassment.

I think some other charges will be coming to the forefront in the coming weeks.

Peace y’all.

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