Jan 11

Day 19,839

It’s been a pretty wild day here in the household, for more than a few reasons.

Started off with a snow day, the weather was going to get nasty, especially later in the day, with snow and sleet moving through and turning the highways into ice rinks. I am grateful that the drivers of the ice and sand trucks got out ahead of this potential problem and improved everyone’s experience that had to drive to work today.

Two of my students were to drive in from Topeka, but they decided it was best to work on labs from home today. One of my students did show up, and we focused on making the best of the situation.

Meanwhile, in the world, Trump embarrassed the western world once again by questioning why the United States accepted immigrants from (his words) “shithole countries”, specifically referring to Haiti and countries on the African continent.

Looks like we have once again added a new term to the diplomatic lexicon of the least qualified CiC in US history.

It is going to take decades of goodwill for the US to overcome the dumpster fire that is the Trump administration.

The thing is, his supporters don’t care. They don’t understand the problem.

We’re going to get through this, but damn… does the guy have be the fool every day?

Peace y’all.

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