Jan 09

Day 19,837

Tuesday night here at Casa del Bobster, the home I’ve lived in longer than anyplace else I’ve ever lived in my life.

And we move next week.

It’s still weird to think about. But, it is necessary.

The new house has more space. The new house has a place for me to go to get some other things done.

The new place has a main floor master bedroom so I don’t have to drag my tired old ass up and down a flight of steps before I go to bed, nor do I have to worry about falling down a flight of steps because I’m not as awake as I could be first thing in the morning.

I’m going to have a woodshop. I’m going to have a space to create new stuff.

I need to find a couple more tools to round out my shop.

The router table I can cobble together. I think I have a good state on parts for that.

I need to get a planer. I have some niceĀ billets that need some squaring up. CouldĀ make for decent guitar body blanks. Got ’em from Ken Smith basses years ago.

An oscillating edge sander would be nice.

Hey, a guy can dream.

Hope you get to spend a little time dreaming, too.

Peace y’all.

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