Jan 08

Day 19,836

It’s about 9:22 PM, and I just dialed the tv in to watch the national championship college football game between Alabama and Georgia. At the beginning of the second half, Georgia is up 13-0.

Had a pretty good day with my first day of my Office 365 class. Small group, three students, two of which I’ve had in class more than a few times from the State of Kansas.

Had a heck of a time getting to work this morning, with ice on the roads. The term we use for this type of ice is “black ice” because it’s a very thin layer of hard to see ice. I figure there were at least three multi-car accidents and another dozen cars in the ditch on the way into work. I usually get to work by 7:30… this morning I arrived at 9:10.

I guess some folks need to take their feet off the gas and slow down a little bit. That ice can be some nasty stuff.

Tomorrow I’ll take a couple of my guitars into work, stash them there as a safe place during the move. I’ll take the Godins over tomorrow, then a few others later in the week.

Alabama just scored… we might have a ball game.

Not going to fret about it too much. I’m more of a college basketball fan in January. Might be due to KU’s solid basketball program, and maybe a little bit due to Kansas struggles in football.

Whatever gets you there, I guess.

Peace, y’all.

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