Jan 05

Day 19,833

Hey kids, fat old Grampa Bob here.

It’s getting weird.

I hope you don’t have to move very often growing up, but you just never know. There might be very good reasons why you have to move and make that big change, and when you’re the kid, you don’t get much say in the whole process, but then again, a kid in daycare isn’t going to make up the big chunk of change that mom or dad might be missing out on without the change.

I remember that.

Growing up, my dad signed up for an apprenticeship program to become the service manager while he was a mechanic at International Harvester. Next thing I know, I’m four years old and moving from Sioux City, Iowa to Topeka, Kansas. Started elementary school at Maude Bishop Elementary. We were there through my second-grade year, then it was off to Omaha. For six months. I think I went to Adams School. From there, dad got another promotion to Kansas City, and we got a house in Hickman Mills and I went to Santa Fe Elementary. First time I ever had to take a bus to school. First time I ever got lost taking the wrong bus, too.

After about a year in KC, it was off to Salina. Dad and the Regional Sales Manager were going in to buy a location when they were being franchised out.

From then on, it was all Salina… with one more move between seventh and eighth grade.

I may have written a blog post about this before. Can’t recall.

Oh Well. Wrote it now if I hadn’t written it before.

Peace y’all.

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