Jan 04

Day 19,832

Another day has passed, and I’m sitting here with Freya ( I hope you have a Freya in your life, too), while I take a few minutes and recap the day.

I don’t know what type of transportation system y’all will have to deal with at the time you’re reading my notes, but here’s my speculation. Most of the vehicles will be autonomous with the possibility of a human override in an emergency situation.

Here in 2018, we still drive our cars manually, thrillseekers that we are, and we have to get our vehicles in for service from time to time to get our oil changed, fluid refilled, and air pressure checked.

Right now, I’m feeling pretty good about three of our five family vehicles. My Ford Flex is ready, as are the Ford Fusion Bonnie drives on a daily basis, and the venerable Honda CRV that Dane is currently riving, and every other kid in the family has had to drive as a matter of course.

Next week I’ll try to get the wife’s Ford hybrid in for a checkup before I take it to St. Louis.

It’s still a little crazy to think about all of the changes we’re about to go through. That’s just the way it is though… gotta roll with it.

Peace y’all.

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