Jan 02

Day 19,830

Hi future grandkids, it’s old fat Grampa Bob here.

Did quite a bit of running around today, making changes here and there in anticipation of the pending family move in a scant few weeks.

We’re packing, making preparations for our various utilities to get transferred to the place, setting up electricity, water, trash, gas, all of the other things that have to be managed when you make a move like this.

I’m not a huge fan of the process, but I also know that this is the last time.

Next time they move me, it’ll be to a nursing home or hospice.

We also need to make sure that we’ve done our due diligence here at the house. patching holes and making sure the house is in good order to the next owner.

Had the plumber come over earlier today to take care of a couple of little nuisance problems. Sinks are in fine working condition, and the new caulking around the sinks and counters looks very professionally done.

I guess the fact that we paid a guy to do it meets the definition of “professionally┬ádone”, doesn’t it?

Capping odd the night by aching the Jayhawks playing the Texas Tech Red Raiders in basketball. Might be about time for me to return my positive energies to my ‘hawks because they’re down by a few points right now.

Rock Chalk.

Peace y’all.

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