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Jan 19

Day 19,847

OK, so let’s talk about some surreal stuff, OK? This is the first night here in the new place. It’s been a little strange for me, as any big, serious change is want to be. We’ve got house, we’ve got barn, we’ve got land. We have pond, we have pool. And there is also very …

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Jan 18

Day 19,846

Breaking up my routine a bit today. I usually write my blog entries at night, before I go to bed, but today is moving day, and I’ll be sleeping in a motel tonight, with three other humans and two dogs in one room. I’m teaching today, as I usually do during the week, with the …

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Jan 17

Day 19,845

Hey, just wanted to get a note in here. Things are a littleĀ bit crazy, as you might guess, with lots of last minute packing and tidying. Trash bags of items that didn’t make the cut heading out to the street. I’m exhausted. This is about the time of night that I’mĀ settling in to chill out, …

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Jan 16

Day 19,844

OK, need to pack some more tonight, so , no entry. And I have to pee. Peace y’all.

Jan 15

Day 19,843

Hello, future people! It’s Grampa Bob, tonight coming to you from the neighborhood pub (at least for today). I have been a pretty steady customer at 23rd Street Brewery since they opened years ago. I like a good, hand-crafted ale as much as the next guy… so long as that guy likes good, hand-crafted ale. …

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Jan 14

Day 19,842

Hey gang! It’s been crazy around here the last couple of days. Getting the house packed up, and still tending to all of the ridiculous details that have to be attended to during this process. It’s a pretty exciting time, and my wife is loving and hating the process. You stop to think about it. …

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Jan 13

Day 19,841

Taking a break from writing tonight. Spent the day working on the garage pre-move. Wiped out. 200 Words. I hope I feel better tomorrow. Peace y’all.

Jan 12

Day 19,840

Hey kids, we’re having a little bit of a weird night tonight. First of all, Lisa and I signed the papers on our new place today. Hopefully, one day, when you all get to come and visit grampa and gramma, this is the place you look forward to visiting, with the pool and the pond …

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Jan 11

Day 19,839

It’s been a pretty wild day here in the household, for more than a few reasons. Started off with a snow day, the weather was going to get nasty, especially later in the day, with snow and sleet moving through and turning the highways into ice rinks. I am grateful that the drivers of the …

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Jan 10

Day 19,838

Hey gang! Hope this little missive finds you doing well. It’s the tenth day of January in the year of out Lord, 2018. Tomorrow, Dane has a snow day. I still have to drive forty-five miles to work. Looks like there is going to be some freezing rain tomorrow coming through our neck of the …

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