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Apr 20

Day 19,938

Hey kids, old fat grampa Bob here, throwing down a little script before I call it a night. It was kind of funny. I was putting away some clothes just a few moments ago, and right after I got done, Lisa comes into the bedroom, ready for the night, and she asks me if I …

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Apr 19

Day 19,937

Good day, whoever you might be reading this missive, this slice of my brain that tries to get onto the page before something coagulates. Today has been a bit on the uninteresting side. Took care of some reading early in the day, ran my car in to have it serviced while I grabbed a bite …

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Apr 18

Day 19,936

Hey, future progeny, what’s shakin’? Old grampa Bob here just recapping a little of what will one day become ancient history. Growing up, there weren’t a lot of science fiction options on TV. Lost in Space, Star Trek, The Six Million Dollar Man, and a few other shows of arguable import. Lost in Space was …

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Apr 17

Day 19,935

OK, I’ve done something, and I’m going to write about it, because what the heck, I’ve got something to write about. I joined the Dollar Shave Club. I was a little skeptical at first, but I’ve received my first shipment, and I can’t say I’m disappointed. I received my razor-blade handle, four blades, some shaving …

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Apr 16

Day 19,934

Hey, young ones, it’s the old fat grampa again, just slapping a few words onto the page, as I have done for the last year and some change. Still down with this respiratory crap. Coughing fits followed by sneezing fits, followed¬†by having all of the energy sapped from my body. Not a lot of fun. …

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Apr 15

Day 19,933

Sunday night, and I’ve been dealing with some sort of funk today that decided to take residence in my sinuses and pound on my brain with a viral sledgehammer. Lisa is down with it, too, although she thinks she’s on the tail end of it and maybe I’m on the front end. This next week …

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Apr 14

Day 19,932

It’s a Saturday night back here in rural Douglas County. My wife and daughter have returned safely from the conference in Atlanta, and for that, I am truly grateful. I always get a little protective when my wife and kids travel, which means their safe return means that much more. Other than that, we’ve played …

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Apr 13

Day 19,931

Let the bombing begin! OK, I have know idea what you kids are going to be like, or how the crazy things that are happening now are going to impact you in the coming years. Heck, if the current EPA administration, you may have become genetically modified to treat lead-tainted water. Almost two years ago, …

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Apr 12

Day 19,930

It’s Thursday night. I need to write, but to be frank, I’d just like to take a long shower and go to bed. Had lunch with Gracie over at Jason’s Deli. She had a sandwich, I had the taco salad. I do love the soft serve ice cream, especially with a little chocolate sauce. Oh, …

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Apr 11

Day 19,929

It’s been a pretty busy Wednesday here in rural Douglas County. Several of us got up very early in the morning. Lisa and Bonnie had to get to the airport early to catch a 7:00 AM flight to Atlanta. After that, I snagged a little¬†breakfast at Big Biscuit, then it was over to Uhaul to …

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