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Mar 31

Day 19,918

OK. Gotta set the stage here a little bit. It is currently halftime between the Villanova Wildcats and the Kansas Jayhawks. KU is getting their asses handed to them at this point, down 15, 47-32. Now, to be clear, if anybody had told me at the beginning of the season that KU would win their …

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Mar 30

Day 19,917

It’s Good Friday, and we’re sitting in the family room, watching an episode of the BBC’s “Sherlock Holmes”. Cumberbatch nailed another one. I got my new grill today, a quite nice Weber Genesis II E-410, with the copper finish. Tomorrow, we’ll get it broken in correctly, with a variety of meats. I think some burgers, …

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Mar 29

Day 19,916

Hey kids, fat old grampa Bob here. I think I have my internet access situation resolved, for the most part. Mercury Wireless was able to get everything mounted and connected, and I installed a new wireless mesh wifi network here at the house. Download and upload speeds are manageable, and I don’t have to worry …

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Mar 28

Day 19,915

Hey, I’m started to get a little excited about changing my internet service provider. Tomorrow is the day! I still need to trim a branch, though. I’m back in the office today, kids, finishing up the class I missed last week when I came down ill. Three of my seven students joined in, although two …

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Mar 27

Day 19,914

It’s Tuesday night, my future grandkids, and once again, the old man is feeling the day. Two more days before we add the additional internet service provider.  Just started our new month, and I’m thinking we’ll leave the HughesNet just for bandwidth for on-demand and Netflix. Seriously, though, that HughesNet bill for our usage from …

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Mar 26

Day 19,913

OK, kids, here is it is, my life and the unfrilled truth of it… I’m tired tonight. Today has been a gray day, pretty much a light sprinkle coming down the entire day. The rain is hard enough to soften up the soft spots in the yard, and mud is readily available pretty much everywhere …

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Mar 25

Day 19,912

OK, if this is going to be a chronicle of sorts for descendants of mine that are yet to be born, y’all need to know one thing about the day and place that I live. We live in Lawrence, Kansas, more accurately, rural Douglas County. My wife is a professor at the University of Kansas, …

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Mar 24

Day 19,911

OK, a little bit of a rant tonight. When we moved out to the country, I struggled with our internet issues, thinking that my city cable provider would be able to get the same coverage out in the county. I did check multiple times and verified that they could provide access. It wasn’t until the …

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Mar 23

Day 19,910

It’s a basketball game kind of night here at the residence. Kansas got their game together and succeeded in their game against Clemson, moving on to the Elite 8. Right now I’m watching the Duke-Syracuse game, as Kansas will play one of these teams on Sunday for a chance to advance to the Final Four. …

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Mar 22

Day 19,909

Thursday night out here in rural Douglas County. We’re watching the K-State/Kentucky Sweet 16 matchup, and listening to a sewing machine. Gracie really likes her sewing machine. We’re under a minute in the first half, and I’ll give the K-State Wildcats credit. They’re up by five, and they’ve done a good job drawing fouls against the …

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