Monthly Archive: February 2018

Feb 28

Day 19,887

OK. It’s Wednesday, last day of the North American MCT Summit, and I am now done with my session. Part of me wants to take a nap. I have to confess, I don’t think I slept very well last night. I normally don’t the night before I have an important presentation, but now that it’s …

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Feb 28

Day 19,886

OK, gotta come clean. I forgot to write last night, and the guilt is overwhelming. I could live with myself, but I’m going to invoke my personal “12-hour” clause, which means I’m still within 12 hours of the day I forgot to post, and I’ll get two posts in today. Yesterday was fun. I went …

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Feb 26

Day 19,885

Hey! How y’all doing?!?!? So tonight I am posting from a hotel room in Bellevue, Washington, just like I was last night. I started off the day with a couple of great sessions on the state of the Microsoft Certified Trainer program, then a session on Azure networking that I found very informative. The day progressed …

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Feb 25

Day 19,884

Hi gang. Old fat grampa Bob dialing into the outside world on a Sunday night in Seattle. It’s about 10:30 back home, 8:30 here, and I’ve got a little room service coming, a salad and a little dessert. Just a snack to get me by til te morning. My flight was decent. Four-hour flights are …

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Feb 24

Day 19,883

OK, this is kind of a special day here in Lawrence, Looks like Kansas has secured at least a share of the Big 12 COnference in Men’s Basketball for the fourteenth consecutive year. That’s kind of a big deal. Other than that, Dane and I made a few runs to the storage unit and brought …

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Feb 23

Day 19,882

Good evening, future people! I’ve had a pretty good day. Started off the day with one module to cover in my Exchange 2016 class. We wrapped up in decent time, and I was back in Lawrence to enjoy lunch downtown prior to getting the oil changed on the Flex.  Tried the “new” sushi place that …

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Feb 22

Day 19,881

Day Four in the Sauna that is my classroom. I am really glad all of my students are remote. This would be a much more challenging environment if people were on premises. It’s a bit later than my earlier paragraph, and there has been a compromise. I now have a fan in the door, and …

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Feb 21

Day 19,880

It’s Wednesday. I’m doing some labs with my students, but I’m going to endeavor to complet my blog entry before I head home later today so I can kick it with my family and not have the “need to blog” lingering in the back of my mind. I’ve got a presentation I need to assemble. I’ve …

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Feb 20

Day 19,879

It’s a little bit after 8:00 on Tuesday night, the 20th day of February 2018. It’s been a little on the nasty side here from a weather perspective. Roads were slick this morning on the way in, and that, apparently, was just the beginning of the ice coating Mother Nature decided to deposit on Kansas, …

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Feb 19

Day 19,878

It’s Monday afternoon, and I’m going to get this out there before I go home for a relaxing evening with my wife and kids. And dogs. Can’t forget the dogs. I’m teaching Exchange 2016 this week, and all of my students are remote. We’re spanning three different time zones, and I think things are going …

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