Monthly Archive: January 2018

Jan 31

Day 19,859

OK, time to fulfill my literary commitment for the day. I know I’ve mentioned it, but I think it’s worth mentioning again. The time period we, meaning me, Lisa, Bonnie, Gracie, and Dane, are experiencing, is likely one of the most dangerous times in United States history. Crimes are being investigated. People are pushing out …

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Jan 30

Day 19,858

Hey, future people related to me. Tonight I write and I have to tell you, the biggest thing on my mind is getting comfy and tucking my big fat butt into bed. I like sleeping in my bed. It is a good bed. It is a warm bed. I like the quiet, and I like …

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Jan 29

Day 19,857

It’s my dad’s birthday. Donald Bruce Reinsch turns 77 years old today. Called home to wish him the best, and at the time I called he hadn’t received the birthday gift I had sent, but that’s OK. My dad is a great guy. He showed me how to work, and that hard work leads to …

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Jan 28

Day 19,856

It’s Sunday night, and I am about wiped out again. Kind of par for the course these days. have a lot to get done this coming week, clearing out some storage units and bringing things home from work that I stashed there for safe keeping duing the move. Printers and other computer gear, a few guitars …

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Jan 27

Day 19,855

It’s Saturday night, and everybody around here is just about pooped, meaning tired. Lot’s of unpacking and reordering going on today as we continue the process of settling into the new home. One of my principal goals was to get our internet setup for our use today. Looks like it is installed and working adequately. …

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Jan 26

Day 19,854

Today hasn’t been my best effort. I’m being grumpy. This afternoon, I was supposed to meet with our propane guy at two o’clock. About four thirty I received a call from the propane company letting me know he wasn’t going to make it today. Part of me really wanted to retort, “Well, then, what’s the …

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Jan 25

Day 19,853

It’s Thursday, January 25, 2018. I’ve got another module to teach in my Internet INformation Server class today, then after that I get ready to rock! So, to clue you youngsters in, that means that fat old bald guy is going to head over to the Uptown Theater in Kansas City and see a show, …

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Jan 24

Day 19,852

It’s late in the afternoon here at my workplace, Centriq Training, in Leawood. Lisa and I talked a little bit about the changes we’re experiencing living out in the country. The stars are brighter, the neighborhood quieter, and the water oh so sweet. I think the kids are adapting well… Dane and Gracie have their …

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Jan 23

Day 19,851

I’m going to try and whip out a new blog entry before I hit the road. Class got done a little early, so why not take advantage, and write up today’s missive before I hit the road. Class is going fine this week, no complaints, although I’m having a bit of trouble hearing them. Might be …

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Jan 22

Day 19,850

If you’ve read any of my other blog posts, you’ve noticed that there are some nights that I just don’t feel like writing. This might be one of those nights. My body is sore, and my mind isn’t where it ought to be right now, either. I’m going to work on that. Maybe writing is …

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