Oct 20

Day 19,756

Hey kids, Grampa Bob here, trying to figure out what’s worth chatting about today.

Let me think… what about the people in your life?

I’m not talking about family. I hope you are blessed with siblings and parents, cousins and others, who provide you with all of the support you need.

I’m talking about your friends and your “so-called” friends.

They’re going to happen to you. They happen to everybody.

You might be starting to think who I’m talking about.

That fake friend that always finds a way to build themselves up at your expense.

That fake friend that gets along with you when it’s just the two of you, but the moment you’re with other friends, they will be the first one to make you the butt of a joke.

Sometimes it’s pretty innocent. Other times it ties in with that other issue when people put others down to build themselves up. That’s bullying. Avoid those people.

Or the other types that get you to join in on when it comes to hurting the feelings of others. People that like to hurt people don’t like to do it alone. They want others around as witnesses, to buttress their efforts. They want others to give their cruelty validation.


Just don’t.

Scrape ’em off an move on.

“Don’t’ be cruel…”

Peace Y’all

Oct 19

Day 19,755

Hey kids!

Just getting my note for the night in before it gets too late.

To be honest with you all, it’s Thursday night, and the Kansas City Chiefs are playing at the Oakland Raiders, so I’m more than a little bit distracted. Chiefs have a 27-21 lead here in the 3rd quarter, so I’m a little bit caught up in my NFL game tonight.

We had a showing of the house tonight, and we’re having another showing of the house tomorrow.

We’re thinking that we’re about done showing the house for now.

The house we had hoped for got sold out from underneath us. Credit to the family that saw what we saw in that house.

We’re looking at what else is out there, and we’ll just have to see what homes fits us for the future.

I’m hoping that we can find that one house with the main floor master and the other things we need going forward.

It’s all a moot point until we get a qualified offer on the house.

Yeah, things aren’t as optimistic as they could be on that front here.

We’ll just have to wait and see… but hey, looks like the Chiefs have a first down on the challenge. Woot! Go Chiefs!

Y’all be cool. And if you still have the NFL in your day and age, root for the Chiefs for your old Grampa Bob, will ya?

Peace y’all.

Oct 18

Day 19,754

Hey, future people!

So, another interesting day here in 2017. I hope you guys are taking notes.

When I was a kid, we’d always got one assignment having to do with interviewing a grandparent over some sort of historically relevant subject.

Maybe one day, you’ll have to do an assignment about this time in history.

I’m going to assume that the good guys will win in the end, and the United State won’t become some despotic fascist dictatorship.

Hoping, right?

If I’m wrong, much of what I have written will be destroyed in some great pro-Trump purge of any negative ideas being held by the populace.

I’m more of an optimist, and I think this administration will get exposed and actin is taken to ensure that you guys don’ have to face a government being run by white nationalists.

A guy can hope, right?

Anyway, we have another home showing tomorrow, and, our luck being what it is, we’ll end up getting a full price offer from the real estate agent that sold the forever house out from under us.

It’ll have to be a full price offer if they are serious. I’m so pissed off at that other real estate agent. She did us dirty.

Anyway, a little snack, then off to bed.

Hope you are happy and well.

Peace y’all.

Oct 17

Day 19,753

I’m sitting here thinking about what kind of topic I’d like to address to you guys, and I start pondering about time and space, and all kinds of other weird stuff.

I write these daily, but for all I know you guys are reading through these,  entry after entry after entry, taking everything in all at once.

Might be kind of weird for you reading about what is happening here in the year 2017 and trying to relate that to what is happening in your lives right now.

For all I know, some of the stuff that is happening might be creating a pretty crappy future for you guys.

I’m sorry.

I was very vocal about Trump. I recognized that this clown was an unhinged narcissist. I saw how lie after lie rolled out of his salivating maw. He has no conscience. It’s all about him.

I’m hoping that you guys get spared the most severe repercussions from this series of unfortunate events known as the Trump administration.

The guy is a fool. He’s been backed by foreign powers, and a lot of people think it’s ok, because the alternative was even worse.

I seriously doubt that.

The profile of the United States on the world stage is probably as low as it has been since before World War I. I find myself apologizing to my friends from other countries because of this clown we have in the White House.

I’m hoping his impeachment comes swiftly, and proves to all what kind of human being this buffoon really is.

You guys will read about it in your history books. Maybe I’ll still be around to talk with you about it.

I just fear that it’s going to get worse before it gets better. People are going to die because of this idiot.

You guys be cool. Do your homework. Hug your folks. Sneak an extra piece of pie to the old guy in the recliner.

Peace y’all.

Oct 16

Day 19,752

Hey kids… old fat Grampa Bob trying to be less of a reprehensible human today than what I was yesterday.

In your lives, you are going to come across and interact with a lot of people, unless of course, you choose to hide in your basement away from anything remotely involving social interaction.

If you have any of my socialization genes, that’s not likely to happen.

Let me clarify this whole “reprehensible” thing. A while back, someone whom I respect referred to me as a reprehensible human being because I stated that federal aid to hurricane-stricken areas of the United States should be prioritized over Trump’s proposed “wall”. I was accused of politicizing a tragedy due to my feelings about this administration.

I try to understand where this is coming from. Keep in mind that I have a different set of life experiences than this other person. I’ve never served in the military, and he was a Marine that took a vow to defend the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I wanted to serve, but couldn’t due to an illness I suffered before I signed my contract while I was in ROTC.

To be honest, I probably wouldn’t have been a very good military officer. That’s another story.

The thing is, that accusation has stuck with me. Am I reprehensible?

I looked it up. To be reprehensible means that a person is deserving of blame or strong criticism.

It’s pretty hard to argue against that definition. I am a sinner, I have opinions that are unpopular with some, and I have a tendency to shoot my mouth off.

I am reprehensible. And I’m not likely to change.

Love you guys.

Peace y’all.

Oct 15

Day 19,751

Hey kids.

Grampa would really like to be brief tonight, but two hundred words is still two hundred words, so here we go.

Last night I wrote about humility and being humble.

Today I watched an example of lack of humility.

I remember a running back named Barry Sanders. Barry lived by a little mantra of “act like you’ve been there before”. Not a bad philosophy really. Any number of athletes perform some cool act on the field.

Rather than let that moment speak for itself, nope, it becomes time to take it to another level.

ANd they act like they’ve never been there before.

One of the worst is a player I cheer for every week, the Tight End of the Kansas City Chiefs. The guy does any number of great things every week, but he never seems to fail at coming up with some act of stupidity that costs the team fifteen yards.


Is it that important?

Can’t let the play stand on its own merits?

It’s all sour grapes for me today anyway. My team lost, and I’m grumpy.

I probably ought to drink a glass of water or milk or something else and drag my fat butt to bed.


Peace y’all.

Oct 14

Day 19,750

OK, so it’s fat, old Grampa Bob trying to lay down a little bit of something to thnk about.

How about we address the idea of humility?

A popular song on the radio (yes, we still have radio in 2017) is a song by Tim McGraw called “Humble and Kind”. You should look it up and listen to it. For this day and age, its meaning is deep and powerful, and it has an appeal that can only be described as transcendent.

You might find out you are very good at something, you might decide to be competitive. For me, that was track and field, running, jumping, hurdling, when I was very young. For you, it might be volleyball, or basketball, maybe even something like golf, music, dancing, math… any number of things, maybe even chess.

It’s OK to want to be the best at something.

Doesn’t mean you need to rub other people’s noses in your success. Just the opposite.

You might find yourself winning easily against people that have invested hours and hours into something, and come up short.

Stop and think how they feel for a second.

What I would suggest is you stop and thank them. Maybe it was there presence and their effort that propelled you to do you your best.

Be a good winner.

Peace y’all.

Oct 13

Day 19,749

Hey kids, it’s Friday night and the end of another work week. Grampa Bob was teaching people how to get some things done in the Microsoft Office 365 environment, and things went pretty well for the most part, with an occasional issue directly related to the “moving target” characteristics of a service that changes at the drop of a hat.

It’s pretty challenging for the curriculum designers to keep up with, and because they can’t, I have to. That’s the nature of my job.

Now I’m done, taking a bit of a breather, then I’ll get some shuteye and get ready for the challenges I’ll have to face tomorrow, getting up early to get the yard and house in order for an open house tomorrow.

I think tomorrow’s open house will be the last for awhile. We’re getting a little tired of the level of order and neatness we’ve had to maintain while we’ve had the house on the market.

I’ve grown weary of the disappointment. Had a contract on the house in July, and the buyer backed out. It would be nice to get an off under our belts, but as we’ve already missed out on the house we were hoping to buy, I’ve become a little apathetic for now.

I know we’ll get it sold, but right now I’ll be happy just to get through the winter, then we’ll put it back on market and see what happens.

In the meantime…

Peace y’all.

Oct 12

Day 19,748

Hey, future grandkids, what’s shakin’?

Sometimes you are going to deal with situations that are really out of your control, for one reason or another, things are not going to go in the direction you would prefer.

This week I’m teaching a class that is centered on services being provided by a different organization.

An organization outside my sphere of influence.

I have zero control over what happens with their services. Seriously. But I’m teaching the products and the labs that they re hosting on their site.

Today we had an outage that lasted close to three hours. That was more than a little bit of a distraction.

It affected me.

But, what’s an old, fat, bald guy to do?

You roll with it.

You spend a little more time in lecture, you work ahead in the book, you talk about the hands-on labs the guys are about to do, and you hope that the service gets restored so you can get back to work and try and provide an adequate learning environment.

And you don’t get upset with the situation. OK, so I might make a few jokes here and there to try and lighten the tone a bit.

But you roll with it.

I did. I hope you can, too.

Peace y’all.

Oct 11

Day 19,747

OK. It’s a Wednesday night, and I’m trying to think of something worth chatting about with my future grandkids… and believe it or not, I’ve been doing a little thinking, a little pondering, and little cerebral ping pong.

Let me ask you this… what did you guys do today to try and make yourself a better human being?

Did you spend some time reading something that made you think about the plight of others? Dod you have a good idea on how to help some folks?

Did you read a poem?

Did you write a poem?

Threw you a curve with that one didn’t I?

But part of trying to be a better human being can be tied very closely to the arts and self-expression. You have to let those things out, let ’em breathe, let ’em take on a life of their own.

Maybe grab an instrument and tickle out a melody you like. Doodle.

Listen to someone and try to understand how that person is feeling.

Experience something.

I do a lot of my self-improvement by reading, and sometimes I make a comment about how what I’ve read has affected me.

Just try to care. Do good things. Pray.

Avoid being called reprehensible.

Peace y’all.


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