Jan 19

Day 19,847

OK, so let’s talk about some surreal stuff, OK?

This is the first night here in the new place. It’s been a little strange for me, as any big, serious change is want to be. We’ve got house, we’ve got barn, we’ve got land. We have pond, we have pool.

And there is also very little light pollution out here.

Bubba is thinking about setting up a telescope.

It won;t be anytime soon, but for the long term it would be kind of nice to be able to watch the stars and the planets on their celestial voyage.

Yeah, I know, I’m a little flakey. This whole move is going to take some getting used to. I have a new place to call home. It takes a little getting used to.

I posted on my facebook account a picture of a (late) sunset. Sunset was supposed to take place at 5:24, and I didn’t get a chance to take a picture until close to six o’clock.

I think it turned out OK.

I haven’t shared a lot of pictures but…
Never mind. I’m tired, and I have a little bit more to get done, and to be frank, I’m not in the mood to fight a temperamental Android app at the moment.

Hey, I get to chill on my first night in the new house.

Stuff is getting weird.

Y’all be cool.

Peace y’all.

Jan 18

Day 19,846

Breaking up my routine a bit today. I usually write my blog entries at night, before I go to bed, but today is moving day, and I’ll be sleeping in a motel tonight, with three other humans and two dogs in one room.

I’m teaching today, as I usually do during the week, with the occasional week at home to prepare for classes on the horizon. Next week I am teaching the Internet Information Server class, but the week after that I get a little break, which will be spent unpacking a few boxes and cleaning out the storage units that we’ve used these past 8 or 9 months in anticipation of the move.

It’s a later in the day now, almost three o’clock. Just received a text from Gracie that Mom is getting tired. I’ll be able to help out in a few hours after I get back to Lawrence, but right now I’m still teaching class in Leawood, then I need to take a little time to clean a few things out of my car. I’ve got a little stash at work for a few choice personal items.

I hope she’s OK. She always overdoes it. She overdid it yesterday, and she’s overdoing it today.

We should’ve hired a cleaning service to help out on top of the carpet cleaning service.

That’s all I’m going to post about right now. Need to get back to it, get my day reconciled, then get home to complete the process.

Peace y’all.

Jan 17

Day 19,845

Hey, just wanted to get a note in here. Things are a little bit crazy, as you might guess, with lots of last minute packing and tidying. Trash bags of items that didn’t make the cut heading out to the street.

I’m exhausted. This is about the time of night that I’m settling in to chill out, and the reality is I’ve got a while to go yet to feel comfortable about trying to kick back.

Doesn’t mean I can’t take a load off an rip out a couple of hundred words.

I can’t believe how much stuff we’ve accrued over the years. I know there are books about trying to declutter and simplify one’s life, but, man oh man, it might be too late for that with us.

Lisa and I have compiled a lot of memories, and they are in boxes and bags right now, awaiting the big move.

My knees are screaming at me. It’s not a pleasant sound, I might add.

Dane is taking a bunch of things out to his car for storage. I’ve got a couple of computers out there in mine. I’ve definitely got some more stuff to add to the pile.

I better get back to it. Daylight is gone, and candlelight is growing dim.

Peace y’all.

Jan 16

Day 19,844

OK, need to pack some more tonight, so , no entry.

And I have to pee.

Peace y’all.

Jan 15

Day 19,843

Hello, future people! It’s Grampa Bob, tonight coming to you from the neighborhood pub (at least for today).

I have been a pretty steady customer at 23rd Street Brewery since they opened years ago. I like a good, hand-crafted ale as much as the next guy… so long as that guy likes good, hand-crafted ale.

Lisa and the kids worked on the house today, in anticipation of our pending relocation, and they put away the hardware we need in place to watch the Kansas-West Virginia game tonight, so Bubba took flight.

Not really flight. Kind of a weird tangent thought that at the time you all read this, there may be flying cars.


We were promised flying cars when I was a kid, one of the wonders that we would enjoy at the turn of the century. Didn’t happen… although there look to be some promising technologies on the horizon, implementing some of the drone technology that has become so popular in the last few years.

And I just took  big chance… I ordered off the menu.

One of my favorite dishes over here is the bison/beef meatloaf, and I just asked if I can get it in a sandwich.

Daring step, I know.

I need to return to my quest for the best meatloaf.

Never had a quest before, but what the hell. You only live once, right?

KU and WVU coming up, I might do a little more writing to get my word count up after the fiasco of an entry Saturday night, but to be honest, I was exhausted. Dane and I had been working in the garage all day, and there was all kinds of dust that got kicked up, and we breathed it in… pretty nasty stuff we were breathing in.

I have a greater appreciation for my dad having us kids clean out the garage growing up. Dust can accumulate in the corners fast.

Just saved this as a draft, just in case.

Part of me wants to wax and carry on about the house we’re leaving and the memories that were created there. I also want to pause and reflect on the other places Lisa and I have called home since we met, became engaged and got married.

The little house on Glenn in Wichita, Lisa’s house. Lived there for the first year we were married. Lisa had lived there longer.

10XXX Meribeau Court in Wichita, Kansas. Our first house we bought together. Good years, but after the opportunity arose, moving from Wichita to Lawrence was a pretty easy choice. Lisa entered a tenure-track faculty position, and we committed to the University of Kansas.

Holy crap, the Duke-Texas game might finish on time!

Duke-Miami… they use that same orange color in South Beach as they do in Austin.

Heavy sigh.

If y’all haven’t figured it out yet, this is what some would refer to as “stream of thought”.

My stream of thought has been declared a Superfund site by the EPA.

OK, might be time for me to shut this one down. I’m more interested in the KU game than I am in writing, to be honest.

Besides that, I don’t know that I want my future descendants to know how I feel about the officiating in this game.

Smiley face… 😉

Ok, so I’ll wing it here for a little bit.

We’re down 6 at 11:30 in the first half.

Now down 13 with 6 minutes left in the first, 30-17.

OK, backing out of this mess. If you want to know wht the final score is, check the archives…

Peace y’all.

Jan 14

Day 19,842

Hey gang! It’s been crazy around here the last couple of days. Getting the house packed up, and still tending to all of the ridiculous details that have to be attended to during this process.

It’s a pretty exciting time, and my wife is loving and hating the process.

You stop to think about it. It’s all about life, really.  Lisa and I are getting to a point where going up and down steps, all of the time is becoming a great big pain in the butt, so moving to a house with a single floor master bedroom really does make sense.

I do wonder about the way our bills are going to change, water, gas, and electric.

I also wonder if the current owners of the house are going to leave any of that wood behind for the wood burning fireplace.

Maybe their new house doesn’t have a wood-burning stove or fireplace, and therefore they have no need for firewood.

Or they’ve already sold off that firewood out there to a friend.

I might have to do a little looking for a couple of cords of hedge for the wood burning fireplace.

It’s 9:18. I’m exhausted.

Tomorrow I have to get back to the office and teach Office 365 once again.

I hope your day has gone well.

Peace y’all.

Jan 13

Day 19,841

Taking a break from writing tonight. Spent the day working on the garage pre-move. Wiped out.

200 Words.

I hope I feel better tomorrow.

Peace y’all.

Jan 12

Day 19,840

Hey kids, we’re having a little bit of a weird night tonight.

First of all, Lisa and I signed the papers on our new place today. Hopefully, one day, when you all get to come and visit grampa and gramma, this is the place you look forward to visiting, with the pool and the pond and the dogs running around.

You guys are the reason we made this move. I’m serious as a heart attack. My wife and I made this move for the family.

We wanted gardening space. Frisbee space. Barefoot grass. Swimming. Fishing.

I am a blessed man.

And now I just got done with watching a Dr. Pimple Popper video with my daughters, and now we’ve moved on to some show about things happening in the ER.

It’s getting a little gnarly.

Tomorow, Sunday, Monday. we’re packing. We’re moving.

Oh, we bought a little new furniture.

Two new recliners and a sofa.

This thing s getting really real in a really short amount of time.

Next Friday night, we sleep in the new house.

Some new family will be experiencing the same thing here at this house.

Kind of crazy, you know?

We’re making a big change.

Peace y’all.

Jan 11

Day 19,839

It’s been a pretty wild day here in the household, for more than a few reasons.

Started off with a snow day, the weather was going to get nasty, especially later in the day, with snow and sleet moving through and turning the highways into ice rinks. I am grateful that the drivers of the ice and sand trucks got out ahead of this potential problem and improved everyone’s experience that had to drive to work today.

Two of my students were to drive in from Topeka, but they decided it was best to work on labs from home today. One of my students did show up, and we focused on making the best of the situation.

Meanwhile, in the world, Trump embarrassed the western world once again by questioning why the United States accepted immigrants from (his words) “shithole countries”, specifically referring to Haiti and countries on the African continent.

Looks like we have once again added a new term to the diplomatic lexicon of the least qualified CiC in US history.

It is going to take decades of goodwill for the US to overcome the dumpster fire that is the Trump administration.

The thing is, his supporters don’t care. They don’t understand the problem.

We’re going to get through this, but damn… does the guy have be the fool every day?

Peace y’all.

Jan 10

Day 19,838

Hey gang! Hope this little missive finds you doing well. It’s the tenth day of January in the year of out Lord, 2018.

Tomorrow, Dane has a snow day.

I still have to drive forty-five miles to work.

Looks like there is going to be some freezing rain tomorrow coming through our neck of the woods here in Lawrence, Kansas.

It’s good to keep the kids home n nasty weather. My concern is my ability to negotiate that highway in the middle of a sleet storm.

Seriously, that stuff makes for absolutely awful driving conditions.

I’ve driven in that stuff from time to time, and let me tell you, freezing rain on highways leads t some white-knuckle driving.

I’ve put a car in the ditch on more than one occasion when driving in stuff like that. Got plowed in to from behind as well.

It’s part of living in the world, I guess. This is the part where I try to come up with another fifty words to fill up the page. I’m not always the most exciting person on the planet.

Could be worse.

By the way, if you’re thinking about what is going on politically in this little corner of the time-space continuum, look up Trump/Russia, Steele Dossier, and Fusion GPS. Those have been the hot topics this week.

Peace y’all.

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