Mar 16

Day 19,903

It’s Friday night, March the 16th. I’ve got some corned beef and cabbage ready for the pressure cooker tomorrow, and we’re hoping Kansas finds themselves heading to the Sweet 16.

It’s been a crazy day. My alma mater, Wichita State, was a 4 seed in the regional, and they found themselves on the wrong side of the final score against Marshall.

Kansas State held on to beat Creighton, Texas tanked, and right now one of the number one seeds (Virginia) is struggling, down twelve to University of Maryland-Baltimore County.

I do love this time of year.

Kansas square off against Seton Hall tomorrow, one of the typical one-versus-eight matchups that are all too common during the second round of the tournament.

I’m going to try my best to stay optimistic.

I need to focus on some things over the weekend, but it will always be a little more challenging during the big games.

Truth be known, this time of year, all the games are important.

So, I plot out my day for tomorrow, the various and sundry errands I need to run. The time management. This, that, and the other thing.

It’s a crazy time of year, and it is all too easy to love.

Peace y’all.

Mar 15

Day 19,902

It’s Thursday night in the country, and Lisa and I are sitting in the living room watching some college basketball. Have been since the middle of the afternoon, and if you ask us if either has taken a nap since the beginning of this little slice of life, we might cover for each other.

She’s napping right now. (Wink)

Kansas won their opening game against the team from Penn. Looks like we’ll face Seton Hall on Saturday. I hope the Jayhawks have a solid chance to proceed, moving on to the Sweet Sixteen.

Oh, and congrats to Loyola of Chicago, draining a three-pointer at the buzzer to knock off Miami and earning the biggest upset win of the tournament so far.

Other than that…

Got one of my laptops repaired. New motherboard.

Went in for my eye exam, that was good. Found out my prescription didn’t really need an update, so I’m using the opportunity to update the prescription in my sunglasses.

I hope to be wearing my sunglasses frequently in the coming months.

After that, I grabbed a bit of lunch at 23rd Street Brewery, choosing that little slice of porcine heaven, the BLT.

I love the sheer volume of bacon they put on that sandwich.

Then it was home to watch basketball. That’s about all I’ve got.

Going to hit the sack here in a few, hoping that it doesn’t hit back.

Peace y’all.

Mar 14

Day 19,901

Last night I wrote my blog very late at night, and prior to the writing of my entry, there may have been some adult distilled beverages involved.

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

I’m not going to go back and change a thing. I thought about it, but I wrote it, it’s a part of my reality, I’m a 54-year-old man that had a couple of drinks with some old friends yesterday, and we had a pretty good time.

After I woke this morning, I went to see my mom in the hospital, and my niece was already there. Good kid.

My sister arrived a little later that morning, and I needed to get back to the house to meet a service tech to replace a motherboard on a laptop.

I’m on the verge of making a decision about our internet access. I like the down speeds from the satellite service, nut the data limits and upload speeds are an obstacle.

The NCAA basketball tournament gets going tomorrow. I’ve got an eye appointment, but after that, I’m all about basketball.

I’m exhausted. Time to hit the sack. I hope there is peace in your corner of the world tonight… I guess that’s just another way of saying…

Peace y’all.

Mar 13

Day 19,900

OK, I’m here in a hotel room in Salina, Kansas, and all in all, I’ve had a pretty good day.

Mom had a good day.

I would say she seemed more like a person inconvenienced by dialysis than in need of the procedure.

After they got that going (and much love and gratitude to my niece, Morgan, for her presence and patience), I went over to a close friend’s clinic, and we had a chance to catch up on a few things. We ended up agreeing to have a toast over at the old Masonic Temple in downtown Salina.

I left Doug’s place in a pretty good mood. There had been a few things hanging in the air between us over the years, and we talked.

On the way to check in to the hotel, I stopped at an old watering hole in south Salina, Speakeasy, which had undergone any number of identities over the years, but boiled down into the common parts that comprise your average neighborhood tavern.

I ran into another old friend. We talked. A lot.

Then was time to meet Doug downtown.


I’m going to wrap this up and get off to bed. It’s too late. I need to sleep.

And I need to mentally digest the events of the day.


Peace y’all.

Mar 12

Day 19,899

OK. The next 48 hours are going to be a bit on the interesting side.

I’ll get up at four o’clock in the morning tomorrow to take Dane in for his band trip. He has to be there by four thirty in the morning, and the bus will leave without him if he is not there. After that, I’m in the car and heading west to Salina. Mom has a procedure that could take place anytime tomorrow morning, and I’m there tomorrow as well as part of the morning Wednesday.

I have to be back in Lawrence, er, home Wednesday afternoon to get the motherboard replaced on my primary system. The young person I dealt with at Dell was very professional and understanding, and it reinforced my decision to stick with Dell Precision system for the time being. Love their notebooks.

Car is serviced and ready to go. I need to take a shower and get primed. I’m sure Dane is excited about his trip.

I’m excited for him.

Not excited about my mom being in the hospital though. More “the opposite of excited”. Concerned. Worried.

Oh well. Most I can do is be there and offer emotional support.

I’m great at that kind of thing.

That was a joke. I think I suck at that.

See you tomorrow night.

Peace y’all.

Mar 11

Day 19,898

OK, so here’s a little idea that I ought to share.

Get yourself a little notebook. I have a little black one that fits in my back pocket, and can also easily fit into the pocket of a couple of my jackets and hoodies.

Keep a pen handy.

These can be important because as you’re going throughout your day, you’ll have great ideas. It’ll be about something you see, or something you hear, or just a random thought that appears right out there on the tip of your nose like moisture condensing to form a cloud.

And you take that brief seed of inspiration and you write it down.

Like I should’ve done half a dozen times today.

But I didn’t.

Because I forgot my little pad.

Somedays I’m a little more on top of my game than others.

I need to work on that.

Thing is, I know I had some really good ideas today. I had those minor epiphanies and I remember thinking to myself, “Hey, that was pretty good! I ought to write that down!”.

And I didn’t.

I need to work on that.

On the positive side, though, I was able to take a negative like forgetting my notepad and turn it into something positive, this blog entry being the result.

Peace y’all.

Mar 10

Day 19,897


It’s Saturday night! In the background, I can hear the ACC tournament championship game going on between Virginia and North Carolina.

KU played earlier this evening and came out victorious over West Virginia, 81-11.

I do love this time of year.

A friend came over to watch the game tonight, and Gracie had a couple of her friends over as well. We definitely had enough food to go around.

Dane and I also got the last storage unit cleaned out today, so there’s that for minor victories. Went and got the car washed, too. Will miracles never cease?

At this point, I’m just rambling. Trying to avoid the serious stuff.

My mom went to the hospital today. Blood sugar and kidney issues, and she’s diabetic, so this isn’t a great situation. I probably ought to take off for Salina tomorrow and go visit her in the hospital in Salina.

I don’t like hospitals. I seem to go in and end up missing body parts coming back out.

Seriously, though. I’ll make the run and anybody else that wants to tag along is more than welcome.

Afterall, it’s my mom.

This is the part where I start typing overemotional pablum. Maybe not tonight.

Peace y’all

Mar 09

Day 19,896

Another day in the books.

Kansas won another basketball game, and neither team was at full strength. Dok was still out for Kansas, and Dean Wade aggravated a toe injury for the Wildcats. Compound that loss with an injury to a KSU starting guard early in the game, and KU had an opportunity to control the game from the beginning and they took care of business.

The Texas Tech-West Virginia game is going on in the background, and Kansas will face the winner of this contest tomorrow night at 5:00.

Yeah, I have to admit I do get a little caught up in the sports. It happens.

I get caught up in the kid’s sports, too.

I’m going to miss watching my kids play and compete. Dane is still in high school, but high school golf isn’t really the kind of sport where the parents show up to cheer on their kids.

I support him a hundred percent, though.

I hope I live long enough to see grandchildren competing in something. I love the competition.

I wasn’t that great at most competitions. Can’t say I was a consistent winner, but I tried. One day you’re clearing 6′ with ease in competition, the next day, you’re struggling with 5’8″. I remember that day. My junior year of high school.

Oh well. I probably ought to let go of that though, that memory, that regret.

Peace y’all.

Mar 08

Day 19,895

I’m having one of those days.

I’ve spent a pretty fair portion of the day watching college basketball, and my team one, so all of the other games were just means to fill the time until bedtime.

But, KU won.

I was worried going into that game. Kansas had all sorts of problems with Oklahoma State this regular season, getting swept for the first time under Bill Self by any team in the Big 12.

The other games were interesting. Kansas State went into overtime against TCU. No matter who won, there was going to be a purple team in the second round of the tournament.

Both of those teams looked pretty good.

And the K-State fans love, love, love to beat Kansas.

So, tomorrow and 6:00 PM. the Wildcats will have another shot at the Jayhawks.

I’ll be eating seafood, I think. Probably a fish sandwich, something akin to a FIlet O’Fish but fourteen times better.

I’ve got a bit of running around to do tomorrow. One meeting with the insurance agent, then Dane and I have to get some things cleared out of the last storage unit. That’ll take a few trips.

Gotta git ‘er done, though.

That’s all I’ve got… but I had enough. 200 words in the book.

Peace y’all.

Mar 07

Day 19,894

Hi gang!

The Big 12 Tournament is underway in Kansas City, and it looks like Kansas will be facing Oklahoma State for the third time this season at 1:30 tomorrow afternoon.

Normally, I wouldn’t be too worked up about a 1-8 matchup, but Oklahoma State has had Kansas number this year, sweeping Kansas, the first time Kansas has been swept under Coach Bill Self.

So, I’m anxious.

And it gets worse.

Apparently in practice the other day, our starting center Udoka Azubuike has strained a ligament in his knee and will not be playing for Kansas in the Big 12 tournament.

That worries the average Jayhawk fan.

I’m hoping that Kansas will get a little bit of a fire in their belly and show up in this third meeting against the Cowboys, but I have to admit, in the two previous meetings, it wasn’t even close. Oklahoma State kicked our butts twice.

I’ll get settled in early, prep some nachos for the event, and hope that Kansa can finally put together a decent game against this team that has proven time and time again to be Bill Self’s kryptonite.

Tomorrow will be an interesting day.

Heck, it’s March. March Madness.

Every day is an interesting day.

Peace y’all.

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