Feb 18

Day 19,877

It’s Sunday night. I have to confess, there are a lot of tired people around these parts. Dane is doing homework, if he hasn’t already gone to bed. Lisa is sawing some logs in her chair in the living room, and I’m wiped out after a productive day around the house.

It’s just after 8:00 at night on Sunday.

I still giggle a little bit when I hear Lisa snoring in the living room.

So, yeah, we had a really nice brunch today. Helped going to Mass last night, so we all could sleep in a little bit today.  Lisa made a wonderful quiche (think “meat-cheese-egg pie” for those of you ‘real men’ that don’t eat quiche) and some fresh banana bread to go with it. There is something wonderful about fresh, hot banana bread with a slice of butter on it, melting into the slice, and enjoying that with a nice cup of coffee.

I’m spoiled.

After that Dane and I made a few runs to the storage unit to empty it out. We did it. We got through one of those units.

Tomorrow I head back into Kansas CIty for work. I’ll be teaching Exchange 2016 for a small group of students, all remote.

Kind of funny thinking I could be teaching from home if my internet was configured a little differently.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for now.

Hope your life is filled with happiness and puppies.

That might be redundant.

Peace y’all.

Feb 17

Day 19.876

OK, this is going to be one of those attempts to see how quickly I can rattle off two hundred words, then hit the sack… because this old boy is tired.

Dane and I spent a good portion of the day cleaning our stuff out of one of the storage units we’ve been using ever since we decided to get the house on the market. We’re just a few trips away from having that sucker cleared out.

After that, we went to church, Dane was an altar server for the four o’clock Mass up on campus, then we jetted home to watch the KU-WVU basketball game right up until…

… the last five minutes of the game, when we needed to all jump in the car to make out 7:30 dinner reservation at 6 Mile Chophouse. Hey, there’s lot’s of stuff going on, but it’s still Lisa’s and my twenty-second wedding anniversary.

I probably ought to just hang this up… oh, wait. We went for ice cream after dinner, too. Silas and Maddy’s in downtown Lawrence. Great ice cream.

OK, so now I’m thinking about wrapping this up and hitting the sack. We still have some work to get done tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to sleeping in a little bit tomorrow.

Y’all have a great evening, weekend, month.. life.

Peace y’all.

Feb 16

Day 19,875

OK, let’s get this thing rolling! How are you guys tonight? I really hope I’m there to hear you tell me about your day. Seriously. The time will come that I will be gone from this mortal plane, but in the meantime, I want you to know that I am all about family.

(And if any of you are adopted, or step-kids, know that I love you just the same. Love is more important than blood.)

I had an opportunity to sleep in a little bit today, and I availed myself of the opportunity. After I got up on this fine first Friday of the Lenten season, I had a big cup of coffee and three pieces of toast smothered in creamy peanut butter. Peanut butter on toast goes with coffee, and don’t let anybody tell you any different.

After running an errand or two, I went to the Kansas City Woodworking Show. Didn’t buy much, but I did have plenty of opportunities. I was told I had the opportunity to buy the first of a new kind of router table lift from Krieg that would put me on the front page of their website.

At almost three hundred bucks, I took a pass. Not a hard pass, but a “higher priorities” pass.

I bought a couple of books on pen turning, and hopefully, that will get set headed in the right direction with that stuff.

Anyway, just wanted to share with you a little bit about my day. Hope your day and your weekend are an absolute blast.

Peace y’all.

Feb 15

Day 19,874

As I’ve mentioned the last couple of days, I’m trying to avoid posts or responses to posts relating to anything political.

I have to tell you, right now that is an incredible challenge, and the old man is struggling with it.

There have been some significant events the last couple of days, and I have to tell you, I really wanted to chime in.

But I’m not going to.

The thing is, there are forces out there that relish in a divided America. There are forces out there that want nothing more than to see the United States of America meltdown and destroy itself from the inside. They are sending messages towards the people of this country that exacerbate our differences, and get under our skin like an irritating sliver that just can’t get pulled back out.

I don’t want to be a pawn in that game.

Other than that, Dane had a nice little band concert tonight, followed by a little meeting about the band’s upcoming trip to Orlando. The band is going to Disneyland.

Good for them.

They’ve worked hard for this reward, and every high school kid ought to experience what it’s like to spend twenty plus hours on a bus.

Peace y’all.

Feb 14

Day 19,873

It’s Valentine’s Day. It’s Ash Wednesday. It’s a weird combination of chocolate and seafood.

I’m writing this middle-to-late afternoon here at work. Last set of labs are being executed, and I’m just kind of hanging out, thinking about stuff, and occasionally firing up my web browser to look at my propane grill options. Lisa and the kids are going to Mass later for Ash Wednesday. Not sure if I’ll be able to get there in time to join them.

I’m thinking I ought to run by the store to get a little something for Lisa.

Valentine’s Day has always been a little weird for us, with our anniversary so close to the holiday itself. On Saturday, we’ll go out and enjoy each other’s company, and do that “anniversary thang”. I’ll find a nice restaurant for us for dinner, either in Lawrence or Kansas City. We’ll splurge a little bit, but it won’t be outrageous.

The best part might be the stuff that happens tomorrow when all of the leftover Valentine’s Day chocolate goe on sale.

Lots of things going on in the world right now. On this day in history, you’ll likely read about a serious shooting in Florida, with a bunch of kids killed.

Pretty sad.

But, what can you do?

I’ve got some ideas, but some folks won’t like them.

Peace y’all.

Feb 13

Day 19,872

Hey, it’s Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras, the day before Ash Wednesday, and, this year, the day before Valentine’s Day as well.

KU played a pretty good road game against Iowa State, pulling out a win on the road. Can’t complain about that.

Class is going well for me. It’s always a joy to teach a class when you can tell that the students care about the subject matter and they want to be there.

Lisa surprised me with a special early Valentine’s Day dinner. It was a great one, steak, and potatoes. Lord, I do love that woman.

She says she might have a little dessert surprise for me too, but we’re going to wait for Dane to get back from the high school basketball games before we break into that.

Trying to focus on being a better person for Lent. Maybe I ought to give up politics for the season. I know a lot of people would prefer that I give up talking about politics fulltime. We’ll just have to see.

Other than that, not much new. Going to get serious about shopping for a new grill for the spring. There’s burgers, brats, and chicken pieces that aren’t going to grill themselves.

Y’all be good to your parents.

Peace y’all.

Feb 12

Day 19,871

Today I sat at work for a little while, finishing my breakfast, and I opened up my new post page in my blog.

I had it in my head that I was going to write, and get my blog done earlier in the day.

Then two interesting and cool students walked into my Office 365 class.

I had fun today.

The students make the class. Every time.

I’m the part of the equation that doesn’t change. There are plenty of variables. Are the students in the room, or taking the class remotely? My voice probably doesn’t waver too much, but the feedback I receive from remote students is minimal due to my lack of a visual reference. I can’t see their faces, I can’t read their body language.

It can really make a difference in the way that I change up my teaching style.

So anyway, I think I’m going to have a good week in class. All indicators are in the positive.

It’s been pretty quiet since I got home. Dane was sick today, so he was pretty mellow. Gracie is in a quiet mood as well.

I’m going to finish up this little diatribe and slide off to bed a little early myself.

Peace y’all.

Feb 11

Day 19,870

Another Sunday night, and I’m pausing to reflect on the weekend.

You know what they say about best intentions.

O had some high hopes for my productivity this weekend but didn’t get near as much done as I probably should have.

We still have some storage units to get cleaned out, and I really hope to have one of them completely cleaned out by the end of next weekend. In reality, we probably ought to get both of them resolved. Every month we keep stuff in there, we’re paying for it, and we have space here for that stuff.

This week, I am back in the classroom again, teaching Microsoft Office 365. Hoping to have a little bit better outing than the last time I taught the course.

Valentine’s Day falls on Wednesday, and that serves as my last call for our anniversary, next Saturday night.

I have some nice things for Lisa set aside, but I need to plan a little outing for the two of us. Maybe dinner in Kansas City or something along those lines.

Ugh. That big bowl of chocolate chip ice cream is wearing me down now.

About time to hang this up and get my big butt to bed.

Hope life is treating you well.

Peace y’all.

Feb 10

Day 19,869

Hi gang. It’s Grampa Bob again, trying to do that thing today that I’ve tried to do a few hundred times before.

It has been a good day. Started off well, made breakfast for the family – corned beef hash, eggs, coffee. Lisa made some biscuits to go with breakfast, and that was great.

After we all got around, Dane and I went over to one of the storage facilities and loaded up the car with some stuff to bring back to the new house. We have two of these storage units, and the sooner we can get them cleared out, the better off we’ll all be.

Sadly, while we were done getting the car unloaded from the first trip back here, Dane got his fingers pinched in the door of the barn and that didn’t do him any favors.

We’ll try to get a couple more loads tomorrow, I guess.

We watched KU lose on the road to Baylor… looks like this might be the year that KU doesn’t win a piece of the Big 12 basketball conference championship. It’s too bad to see a streak break like that. Too many hurdles to get over with this team.

We settled in for dinner with some shrimp tacos (those were great) and Lisa had made some chocolate cupcakes as well for dessert.

I am a happy fat man right now. I think I will sleep well.

Hope your time on this mortal plane is going as intended.

Peace y’all.

Feb 09

Day 19,868

Hey kids, old fat Grampa Bob providing you with a recap of the day’s festivities.

So, I wrapped up my Skype class. Out of two students I had for the week, one showed up today. The other guy had to deal with some emergency back at work. Wish he could’ve made it in today, but that’s the way it goes sometimes.

I grabbed a few extra things from work on my way out the door… some of the things that I had been stashing at the office during the move, so, in other words, guitars. I still need to figure out where and how I’m going to get back t laying down a track or two. We’ll get it figured out. In the meantime, I have an acoustic to noodle around on, might even formulate an idea or two.

Got back to town, had a little lunch over at the old neighborhood hangout, 23rd Street Brewery then picked up a few things over at the grocery store – breakfast stuff primarily, although it’s never wrong to have a large container of chocolate chip ice cream in the freezer.

Maybe the lottery ticket I bought will be a winner this time. Probably not, but hey. the odds of winning the lottery go up by a factor of infinity if you actually buy a ticket.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Lisa and I went into town for a few things later in the afternoon/earlier in the evening, then had a little dinner at the new neighborhood hangout, Set-“em Up Jacks. Lisa had the chicken, I grabbed a 12oz KC Strip.. can’t really complain. The steak was alright, and the desserts were this side of alright.

After that, we came home, started a fire in the fireplace (wood burning stove), and watched the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics. Quite the spectacle.

That’s all I have for now. I could go on a political rant, but what’s the point?

Peace y’all.

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